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11:12:14 PM Feb.20.2014
Psalm 66:16 "Come and hear all you who fear God, let me tell you what He has done for me". Indeed God has been faithful. I moved to Canada 4 yrs ago and had to obtain my license in order to practise my profession. It is said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than getting a medical license here. However I trusted in God . I did a series of exams and God granted me success. I eventually got into a program which would lead to my obtaining a license. There were so many obstacles which kept on occurring but God always answered my prayers and granted me success. Finally I got my license and give God all the Glory for being faithful to me even in my darkest hours!!!

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11:24:17 AM Feb.07.2014
I just want to thank God for His faithfulness and loving kindness towards my sister. My sister is a medical doctor and when she migrated to Canada she had to go through the series of exams before she could get her license. She had been home for over 2years without a job and was getting a bit apprehensive. I just kept encouraging her. One thing that God has blessed her with is the strength to wait on Him. So, during spring of 2013, she was called to do the final phase of the exams. She worte the exam which she passed, however after that, the incumbent gets assessed by another Doctor who has been practicing for sometime in Canada to ensure that the new doctor understands medical practice in Canada. The assessor she got was really not kind to her at all, he said quite a number of things to discourage her and actually make her question all the other years of practice she has had in other countries. I remember one morning she called really down and discouraged. I encouraged her and prayed with her and said "God will give you double for your trouble." I also encouraged her to join the prayer call.

God had mercy on her and she was given another assessor who was impressed with her practical experience and even commented that he did not know why she was sent to him. When she was with the previous assessor who was not kind to her, she never took it personal or got offended. She just prayed that God would give her the strength to deal with it His way. Inall, she realized that God let her go through that, so that she is aware of the kind of environment she will be working in and also for her to have more compassion for others when the time comes. Long story short, she passed her assessment and has been granted the license to practice medicine here in Canada. To God be the Glory. The bible say "many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them from them all". God truly gave her double for her trouble. It is only God that could have done it and we give Him all the praise, glory and adoration.


05:47:18 PM Jan.31.2014
Glory to God in the highest…this morning we prayed for jobs, finances etc. I am here to testify the goodness of the Lord. This afternoon I spoke with a lady who apologized and confessed that they owed me money, which they had deducted from me wrongfully and that I shall be reimbursed every thing.

I just want to return all the glory unto the Lord God Almighty for healing my 10-year-old son. My son has been suffering from an illness without a name since September 2013. Between that time and now, we have taken him to ER, family doctor, walk-in clinics etc. but to no solution. The strange thing is, he would spend a day at school feeling nearly normal until he gets home especially at night when he would get really sick. I discerned that it was an attack by the enemy that is the only reason why doctors could not find anything wrong with him. In the natural, our son’s condition was getting dire. He was refusing food, drank very little water and his weight dropped to that of a five or six year old. I recently started calling the prayer line and made a resolution that I will participate in the Saturday prayer sessions from now on. As a result, I have also taken part in the special prayers of the week. On Monday, January 27th the second day of our prayers, my son asked me for breakfast, he has not asked for food in a long time as we have to forced him to eat each day and when he came back from school, he ate yet again. Long story short, my son is healed and he is getting back to his normal self…glory be to God Almighty!!


11:27:06 PM Jan.26.2014
Our God who was, who is and who will forever be is still alive, well and in control.
I went through some rather strange season of my life last year, 2013. It was a season severe enough to make me wonder where God was and why I was experiencing these inexplicable closed doors and disappointments especially in my career. Lots of antagonism and unfairness instead of a job offer even when my interviewers were highly impressed with me and even offered me positions, hours were consistently cut to the barest minimum on the part-time job that I had and gradually things got so bad that I was forced to move in with a dear friend, where I ended up staying for six months.
Needless to say, I prayed my heart out and lead a fasted life that whole period.
God, though, never left my side, He reassured me several times on this prayer line and asked me to just continue to worship HIM and be patient which of course made me wonder more why He didn't just fix it!
In my desperation, I decided I would apply for an entry level position on my job and maybe start to work my way back up again; but no, I had been in management too long and now "I didn't have enough experience" to start over!
God called us thru sister Toyin, the prayer leader on this prayer line, to a one week prayer and we got word thru her that things were going to change for some of us who had been waiting and praying for so long.
Then all of a sudden, God rose up for me in His faithfulness and things turned around, and I mean fast.
The beauty of Him was displayed in the way He orchestrated help and favor from so many different avenues. He spoke to me thru prophecies, had innocent friends call and pray with, sent prophets to speak to me, all of them giving me the same message or saying the same prayer-"The Lord says your time has come and you will thank Him later for all the wait, after the dust settles” Jobs that interviewed me ages ago and the ones who never responded to my application were offering me jobs.
The Lord also sent a message to me that He had given me the best job and guess what, that's exactly what He did.
I went to interview for a supervisory position, found out that the position was already filled, but not communicated to my recruiter. Right there and then, my interviewer decided "okay, I'll just interview you for the Assistant Director position."
Praise the Lord; I got the job, skipping two career steps that would take some 2-3 years to climb in my profession.
One of the promises the Lord made me during my wait period was exponential promotion, by the way!
The thing of it is, He is just God and there's nothing anybody can do about it; you cannot understand Him, don't even try. Put your faith in Him and obey Him.
One thing I promise you, as He has proved to me time and again is He loves you and He will never leave or forsake you. He has nothing but love for you no matter your circumstance, draw near to God.


05:18:31 PM Jan.19.2014
"You will also declare a thing,
And it will be established for you;
So light will shine on your ways."job22:28
We give God all the glory for His faithfulness in our lives and family. Also for the grace and strength to seek His face. During the December 2013 fasting and prayer, we made declaration and prayed for ourselves,loved one and others. We declared that we shall enter 2014 with joy and peace, my loved one and I all saw the New year and entered with joy and peace. The Lord protected us and delivered one of our relative from the hand of kidnappers who gave him back the car he was driving.This reminded me of the brother we prayed for who was kidnapped and God delivered him. When we pray for others it's a seed we are sowing in our lives. We also declared debts paid in full, God provided for me to be able to clear a medical bill. Lastly we prayed for my daughter in regard to admission to a new school. The Woman of God said we should pray especially for God's will. My daughter has two offers and I believe the school we choose is the one God intended for her. I thank God for His favor and provision, all she needed God provided and within a few days, she was in school. Glory be to God. During the Christmas holiday, I was given two weeks off with full payment. We was faithful and will contunue to be as we trust Him and obey His voice. Thank you woman of God for your obedience and prayer, also the intercessors,thanks for standing in the gap.
"Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!
It is like the precious oil upon the head,
Running down on the beard, The beard of Aaron, Running down on the edge of his garments. It is like the dew of Hermon, Descending upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing—Life forevermore." Psalm 133:1-3.
Let us continue in love, faith and unity.
CA, Texas

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07:54:46 AM Jan.09.2014
Isaiah 65:24 Before you call I will answer------. On the second day of the our twelve days fasting, I had a dream. In the dream I saw a little boy dressed in Suit looked like my first born that is an angel now. He came into my bedroom to switch on the night lamp that was off. Praise God for the manifestation that the light that was switched off is back on in my life. Also I am observing improvement in my sons spiritual life that I have been praying for. He talks about praying now. I see improvement in his attitude as a whole;I give thanks to God for this. I am trusting that the Lord will complete what He has started in his life I J N AMEN. We prayed at the end of 2012 for divine provision in 2013, and that all bills will be paid and on time. Glory be to God for answering that prayer. All bills were paid on time. All need and want were met in 2012. We prayed for protection for us and our loved ones. We prayed that there will be no loss of life of property in 2013 and the Lord answered blessed be His holy name. We prayed for connection with divine helpers. I give glory to God for all the divine helpers God sent my way in 2013. Connection with one of them lead to a contract, which I praise God for. We prayed for divine favor in 2013, I give thanks to God for favors through out 2013. Example is free trip to my country, that includes ticket,accomodation, feeding and transportation whithin the country. Answer to prayer that God will bless our debtors so they can pay the money they owe us. Praise God for restoration of money in investment that I thought I had lost. I also praise Him for prayers that were not answered the way I thought they will be answered, because I trust Him. Our God is still in the business of answering prayers, give Him thanks give Him glory give Him adoration in Jesus name amen.

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04:49:23 AM Dec.14.2013
Thank God for his mercy upon the immigration issue of children. It was resolved miraculously, during the 12day fasting and prayer for 2014. Glory to God in Jesus's name.

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08:32:55 AM Nov.30.2013
God truly never leaves His children alone without a witness. About 3weeks ago in November 2013, the pastor in the church I attend preached a message on the early church on how they were focused on God's kingdom and miracles followed them. He encouraged to read Acts chapters 3-5 on our own. During that same week that begun, I did. I had read it before but this time I was just so amazed at the instant miracles that God performed through the early apostles and I began to ask God why don't we see that much instant miracles these days? I then asked that Lord I would love to experience such again. By the end of the week on one faithful early morning, my husband woke me up from sleep, he was kneeling on the ground by my side and he was panting that he could not breathe and that I should pray. I woke up instantly and I am not a light sleeper. Immediately I began to pray, I prayed in my understanding and prayed most in tongues. I began to declare life over him and breathe God's life back unto him. After about 10-15minutes, he started breathing normally again. During the course of the prayer and his short breaths, I had this peace and calm within me that everything was alright and that God was in control.

After, he was revived the Holy Spirit reminded me of his prompting to read Acts 3-5 that the pastor had encouraged us to read. He also reminded me of how I had asked for instantaneous miracle. Beloved, God will never leave His children without a witness. Let us continue to seek Him and cultivate a deeper level of intimacy with Him. His will is for us to prosper in health and in every area. I thank God truly for God's deliverance on my husband's life. He went to see the doctor after that day for check up and they could not find anything. We know it was an attack but God was thousands of miles ahead of the devil. To God be the Glory and I love Him with all my heart. Be encouraged!


10:31:38 PM Oct.20.2013
Matt.7:7-8. Ask you will be given; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. About three times in the last one year, I have requested for prayers for my son in the Medical school that was playing too much. I come back to give testimony that God answered the prayers. His attitude to his studies has changed. He had to retake some classes. He has passed two of them. I also asked that God will let me see spiritual growth in him in September . On his fathers birthday in September , he said the grace before dinner, which he has not done for years. We also heard good news in September, my niece delivered a bouncing baby ; mother and baby are doing fine. Please praise and thank God along with me for answered prayers.

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02:51:58 AM Sep.07.2013
I just want to thank God for His provision for me and my family.

A little over a month ago, we were going to move to another location due to another job position my husband got. I already had a job and struggled with the move initially. I struggled with the move due to the people God had connected me with and also the job security I thought I had. Anyways, I finally embraced the move as I realized family comes second after God. I had put in several applications for another job in this new location. I remember few weeks before we moved, I just prayed and it was more like I was talking to God in front of me and I said "Lord it would be nice if I get a job before we move". God honoured that prayer and I got another job in this new location, a better one even. The application process and interview usually takes up to 100days to be completed, but God showed Himself faithful and made mine within 30days. I am still in awe of His provision and how He truly meets our every need.

For those of us still trusting God for a job or anything else, be encouraged and know that God has not forgotten you, He makes everything beautiful in its time. God will surely accomplish that which He has promised and said.


07:12:09 AM Aug.28.2013
I give God all the glory for the on-going prayer week. The Lord is showing Himself mighty and I cannot thank Him enough. There were declarations of victory through the word of God that we made. I thank God that, He spared my family from mourning and grieving by delivering a family member from a serious road accident. She escaped alive, nothing broken, nothing missing. I give God all the glory for this great delievrance. Your Name alone be praised oh Lord!


09:48:38 PM Aug.21.2013
PS.46:10 Be still and know that I AM God.
During the seven days prayer , Prophetess Toyin said, what was laid on her mind that particular day was that we should be still before the Lord after the prayer. She went ahead and said that might be for just one person; I received it. I was still before the Lord after the prayers , then I drifted off. I dreamt that I was travelling . As I was trying to settle down in the plane , my belt was tangled. I could not untangled it. Some one came to help me untangled my belt ane helped me buckle it. I praised God for sending me divine helper that untangle all the things that are tangled in my life. Also in the same dream , I was going out with my husband . Then I noticed that our stairs built of concrete had weeds growing in it. I slowed down to pull the weeds, and he was going on without waiting for me. I called out to him to wait and not leave me behind . He waited until I caught up with him. Praise God along with me for answered prayers. These are answers to the prayers I have been praying for a long time. G M


05:10:33 PM Aug.14.2013
I would like to thank God and once again lift up His Great and Mighty name for His faithfulness towards those who are His! On the last Saturday of July, if I am not mistaken, Sister Toyin asked us to bring forth prayer requests and I was struggling with finances for a Masters program I am to start in September that I believe The Lord spoke to me about a few months back. And today I am gratefully announcing that the finances have been released, I needed support from family members who were very reluctant at first but in due time The Lord opened their hearts and prayer was the only weapon I had when I felt like the whole world came crashing down on me! The Lord has even provided me with a vehicle to enable me to be independent during the school year...He has surely provided above and beyond my expectations and I know He will continue to surprise me with wonderful gifts. No matter what you may be going through, bring it to the throne of grace, The Lord will raise up helpers for you and there is no circumstance too big for Him to handle. I honestly felt like if God did not move my life would be over because I did not know what else to do, but God showed up and showed off on my behalf! Thank you sister Toyin for allowing The Lord to use you so freely! I love you and praise the Almigthy God for your life! Our God is an awesome God who rejoices in our prosperity! Thank You Lord!!

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New York
01:14:38 AM Aug.03.2013
Praise God that answereth prayers without discriminations. I have been praying for someone close to me to pass his professional examinations at first attempt since last year however yesterday the woman of God, Toyin asked us to call forth all our blessings as if they were and the remaining days of July should bust open our blessings. I prayed like my life depended on it and told the examination computer to bring forth the glory of God. Behold on the last day of July the person took the exam but got result yesterday August 2nd 2013. Passed professional exam one time like a joke. Surely God answers prayers on this mountain and I knew it not.

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03:18:14 AM Jul.31.2013
Toyin asked us pray for people that are working for their work against any petition against them. I just prayed the prayer not knowing it was me God meant the prayer for. Two days later a client I helped at my job wrote a petition against me behind me on the day that I helped her to get some benefits. God raised a voice for me at my director's office and destroyed the petition. The petition was shred and cast into the garbage. Glory to God of Elijah! Thank you Jesus!


08:36:25 PM Jul.19.2013
Our God is indeed a prayer answering God. Less than two weeks ago I suddenly started experiencing heaviness in my right arm. I could not really tell what exactly led to it. I just felt it was an attck of the enemy. This experience lingered for over a week but I trusted God to deliver me from it. I joined the prayer meeting online last sturday and I prayer about it amongst many other prayer points. Before the end of the day I just realized that the heaviness was no more there. Since then I have been able to use the right hand without any problems. God is a deliverer...let's continue to put our trust in Him!

Consolata Apwapo

01:11:55 PM Jun.08.2013
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.' Rev 12:11.
To God be all the glory! We have been praying for our families and covering them with the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has power over the forces of darkness. It speaks better things on us and our family as we trust God and apply the Blood.I spoke to my daughter today who is in a boarding school in Africa.I asked her how school is and she said, that its horrible! So I asked her what was going on at the school. She told me that for the past week they found two snake, one small and a big python in the dorms at night.They were just the girls, so the teachers came and killed the snakes.I thank God for His protection because the enemy could not cross the bloodline. All the girls are okay.The enemy is defeated and we have the victory in Jesus. Thanks Woman of God for your obedience and all the intercessors for answering the call of prayer. The LORD bless you and keep you.Shalom.


07:36:40 PM May.23.2013
Blessed be the name of the Lord our God indeed, who answers all our prayers!
To you tech savvy people out there this whole thing might not be a big deal, what I want you to take from this testimony is that our God answers prayer and cares for all the little details of our lives-Oh that we would trust Him fully!
I struggled with lack of Internet access on my lap top for a while, and called several HP, Microsoft and Spyware representatives; not did they not offer a solution to me, each one was ager to sell me some phone tech support to the tune of $200.00
Eventually, my iPad too started to deny me access to my aol account , so now I really had to do something. My phone call to apple tech support was answered by this rep, who kept me on he phone for a while, trying her best to sell me the "much indispensable" tech phone support that I needed for my iPad-$200.00 a year.
Just at at time, I realized I ad not prayed to God for help, and actually communicated this to my friend; so I took my computer trouble to God in prayer and right then God impressed on my heart a brother that could help me.
Called him up the next morning, and he talked me thru and assisted with my aol and Internet access all under 10 minutes!
Sounds pretty basic and not a big deal right, not if you are force to deal itch these fraudulent scammers that are constantly scheming to siphon money out of your pockets. They got $400.00 off me last year but for God that helped me to retrieve my money.
I give all the glory nd honor to God who answers our prayer and snds us help !


01:05:22 AM May.15.2013
I want to thank God for providing me with a job recently. I have been off work by choice for 9months now and I also run a business on the side. While I was off work, God blessed my business that I did not have to do much to get good returns. God is truly faithful. After I interviewed for the job, I was going to turn down the offer initially due to some of the terms that I felt were not satisfactory. I had also applied for another position that I felt had better terms, however in a place of prayer, I felt strongly to take up the offer from the first interview. I thank God that I did, as I was not even called for interview in the second position. I felt so much peace after accepting the offer and I thank God for that. To God be the Glory!


09:30:47 AM Apr.06.2013
I give all the glory to God for His faithfulness and mercy that has been displayed in my life so far this year.
In the course of our 12 day prayer and fasting prgram last December. One of the prayer points that was raised for every month for the year 2013 was that, "the provision of God would go ahead of any need that may arise". I went through some intense moments financially that, if it had not been TRULY for the provision of God, I might have found myself in unavoidable debts. But God provided on every side at every point that, when these needs arose, His provision was more than sufficient to cater to those needs.
We serve a God who truly cares and who answers prayers and I just want to thank Him and give Him all the glory for His mercies in my life.


04:49:44 AM Apr.06.2013
During the 12 day prayer and fasting program in December 2012, we were led several times to pray for the protection of not only ourselves but also our loved ones. We covered everyone with the blood of Jesus and rebuked the spirit of death. A few days ago I got a call from my brother and he informed me about how he and three other cars ahead of him had been held at gun point by some armed robbers and robbed of his belongings. Fortunately, his car wasn't stolen and even though his wallet was stolen, he did not have anything of value in it. Of course, we were full of joy and glorified God for his deliverance. He called me again yesterday to inform me that he had gotten a phone call from someone informing him that his wallet had been found along with some documents and he could come and pick them up at a particular location When he got there, the men ( who turned out to be police officers)informed him that the men who robbed him were actually not just armed robbers but a sophisticated syndication of kidnappers. This special department of the police had been trying to catch them for a while and were determined to get them at all costs. My brothers wallet was found in one of the stolen cars used for the robbery and he quickly realized that he had been asked to come there because they believed he was a part of the group. One of the gang members had already been apprehended and killed. It took the mercy of God to let the police see that he was indeed a victim and not a suspect. I truly want to thank God for HIS protection and deliverance that HE displayed over the life of my brother by averting calamity and saving us from sorrow upon sorrow. He truly answers prayers!


04:48:35 AM Feb.24.2013

I would be a fool to not publicly acknowledge the protection and the deliverance of God over me and a patient on this blessed day…
It was the second night of my 3-day fasting that the Lord instructed me to do. I had a dream that night that I considered ominous and so I prayed seriously before I departing for work that morning. Also, as I was instructed while praying, I anointed my head in oil to nullify the effect of the ungodly activities in my dream.
I continued to pray as I drove to work and the Lord reassured me thru an analogy in my mind that, that dream was only an illusion-the devil is a liar. This resonated with my spirit so much that I praised God the rest of the way to work.
At work that day one of the nurses I supervise had such a busy and sick patient that at some point I asked her to take a break while I watched her patient. To summarize the long story, I was going to help her infuse the left over “antibiotic” in the IV bag, which the sick patient really needed. I, for some strange reason could not get the IV pump to infuse the drug. I tried about three times, while I also checked the labels on all the IV bags hanging. After the third attempt, I took this IV bag in my hand again almost frustrated with the pump and guess what!? It was not an antibiotic (Ceftriaxone) in the bag; it was a Cardizem, a critical heart drug. Why I checked the first, second and a third time reading Ceftriaxone instead of Cardizem is beyond me and that what makes me give all the glory and honor to God. He would not let this IV pump work, despite my persistence!
What this whole story means, my brothers and sisters is I was just about to KILL a patient with a fatal drug overdose! But, the Lord that I serve, who watches over those who trust in Him would not let this happen. Was a critical care nurse over 18 years before I went into management, and how does one explain this kind of mishap at this stage in my career?
Praise be to Jehovah, my Father in heaven, who anointed my head in oil and rose to my deliverance.
I testify to the power of God in all who seek and fear Him. And I want to ask you how much you know your God, and how much do you draw close to Him in praying and reading His word? He is Love.


03:04:23 PM Feb.01.2013
I want to bless the name of the Lord for His deliverance upon my life. There is truly power in the name of Jesus and we all need to experience it individually. During the 12day prayer and fasting in Dec. 2012, I had certain impressions and instructions in my heart and one of them was to study the book of Daniel. Prior to this, I had various dreams of being attacked spiritually but God gave me triump over them all. Fast forward to Jan. 2013, this time it was not a dream but a demonic attack. It was sometime in the morning before I got up from bed and I saw a human form just beckoning on me and meanwhile I felt like a force was choking the life of me and I could not breath. All I did was to mutter the name of "Jesus" under my breath and at a point I was going to give up, At that point of wanting to give up I felt my spirit rise and I shouted "Jesus" out loud and immediately I saw the human form walk away and I was awake. This bothered me for some days and my husband and I prayed about it and rebuked every foul spirit. My husband also had certain instructions that were impressed in his heart for me which was also some instructions I perceived as well. After some days, I listened to a preacher teach on Dan. 10 about Daniel fast and he mentioned how the prince of Persia was attacking the angel when he was going to deliver answers to Daniel's prayer. He mentioned that the prince of persia was a territorial demon and when he said that, the reality of the attack I had just hit me. Prior to this time, I had been praying for the city that I live in, and it was just the territorial spirits that had been on the attack. God be praised for my deliverance, let us not stop praying because when we pray fervently, we threaten the devil's kingdom and advance God's kingdom.


Kansas US
02:24:20 PM Jan.10.2013
Ps. 46:1 The Lord is our srength our refuge our present help in trouble. God delivered me from heart attack during our last 12days fasting and prayer, that was to usher us into 2013. God confirmed that it was deliverance,in my dream. Someone brought some kind of cell phones in a bag to me and my siblings to buy. We all ralied round the bag, checking them out; then one of them started smoking. I shouted on the person to carry it out of here; and it was done. That was after our prayer point that the owner of the evil loads in our lives should carry them. God answered our prayers the owner of the evil loads in all my mother's children lives has carried their evil loads: praise God with us. Praise Him and give Him adoration for His faithfullness to answering our prayers.


06:05:28 PM Jan.06.2013
My rental property has been vacant for quite a while and I brought my prayer request, on this prayer line, to the Lord. The prayer leader, Sister Toyin relayed the message the Lord gave her for me-“Just praise the Lord; He says He has answered your prayer.” Glory! For a little while there, I praised away and then of course, all of a sudden, the devil cornered me and threw in some scary thoughts about my financial situation. Guess what, I fell for it and I pity partied for 3 days, ignoring what God had said. But thank God for his mercy and love, while I was in church, on a Sunday morning-on day 3, God awakened my spirit, stripped that depressive attitude and put on the garment of praise on me. I worshipped God that morning like I’d never done before and praise God I was restored back to my normal positive and worship state of mind. Even though the financial problems were still looming physically, they all seemed so minute to me and I continued to experience the joy of the Lord in my heart.
Just last week, as I was praying the Lord impressed on that a single lady would come to rent my house. Behold, brethren, that’s exactly what happened and here is the letter I got from her today, 01/05/2012. All glory and honor to God!!!!
“Good Morning O,

I wanted to let you know I want to continue with the rental process for your
beautiful home. I'm excited to move in; I'm in a much bigger 6 bedroom home now
and I really need a smaller place and to save some money so this home is exactly
what I'm looking for I feel like I'm not compromising anything because it’s so
beautiful and well kept. A lot of owners don't understand how important it is to
keep homes is good shape and I've always kept all the homes I've leased in tip
top shape as if I owned it. So, I'm excited to work with you!

Have a beautiful day,


My message to you who is reading this mail is; know your God, He is real!


06:04:18 PM Jan.06.2013
I bless the name of the Lord for this prayer meeting that He has, in His infinite mercy called this young lady sister Toyin to lead. This is just another example of how our God seeks us out in love, to impart His blessing on us.
I have always prayed and believed in God, but prior to joining this prayer meeting, didn’t really appreciate that concept of the veil being torn, as the bible says, when Jesus Christ died on the cross. The Lord taught me, through this prayer meeting that I do not need an intermediary, His Holy Spirit is in me.
Folks, I got myself into a ton of trouble in the last 2 years seeking men and women of God to pray for me. The Lord delivered me and through His power alone and I was even able to face these giants. I prayed and trusted in God’s just and faithful nature and indeed in His name I was able to face this troop. I broke away from this entire spiritual quagmire that I got myself into, learnt to know my God more by reading my bible frequently, claiming God’s promises and praying without ceasing. I don’t necessarily wait for my quiet time to pray anymore, I pray when I’m in the shower, when I’m driving, at work, in the grocery store; I mean all around the clock. It’s a thing of the heart with my God.
The beauty of it all is, the Lord speaks to me directly now, He shows me visions and He gives me dreams. See; when I released my faith in Him and Him alone, with no intermediary, He showed Himself faithful as He promised He would do ages ago. What, in the world took me so long?!
All glory to our God, and may you open up your heart to Him. Amen


06:02:39 PM Jan.06.2013
For quite a while I heard Christians all around me talking about their visual and auditory experiences with God and I very much wanted the same. Well, while we were praying for the New Year at PUSH prayer line, the leader, talked about how we should believe every word in the Bible, they are all inspired by God and for us, and we only need to believe. By the grace and power of the living God, I started getting very clear visions form God, hear Him clearly and He’s been meeting with me so much more in my dreams. That is the God we serve, He is very faithful and all glory and Honor and adoration to you Father.
OA,CA 12/2011


05:57:56 PM Jan.06.2013
The Lord has been tremendouly merciful to me in the course of this prayerline. My life has been greatly enriched on every side, I cannot thank Him enough.
September 2012, on a saturday, during the prayer call a general word came to pray against death in our families, everyone on the line prayed. Little did I know that, the very next day, the enemy would try to steal my baby sister from us but thank God, Jesus already went ahead, she was resuscitated back to life. This is just one of the many things that my wonderful Lord and Savior has done in my life. Time and space would not permit me but I just want everyone to know that, God shows up when we call, He is faithful to all those who put their trust in Him. I give Him all the glory for the privilege to be a part of this amazing Prayer Movement.

o s

New York
09:33:30 PM Jan.05.2013
Thank God for this prayerline. I never lack the strength of God and Holy Spirit to pray since I joined this prayerline. It has been one testimony after another, praise God. However, God saved me and my family from fire outbreak in our apartment about two months back. The woman of God on this prayerline kept telling us to be sensitive to the Spirit of God after our normal Saturday prayers. I went to work on that fateful day but the spirit kept compelling me to go back home. On getting home, smoke had engulfed everywhere but for the intervention of God nothing was touched but the pot on fire. God has been a shield over all our endeavor throughout the year 2012. Thanks to 12 days prayer and fasting we did in 2011 for year 2012. The God that answers prayers would not depart from you all prayer warriors in Jesus' name.


06:46:11 AM Dec.21.2012

Just want to say thank you daddy! For great and mighty are YOUR works oh Lord! Incomprehensible, Compassionate, Great Father of Love – All I have to say is thank you Lord. Oh for a thousand tongue is not enough to thank YOU Lord. BABA, YOU are good, wise and sovereign! In time of need—whether spiritual, emotional, or physical—I can depend on YOUR faithful care and concern. YOU know me so well that YOU choose the perfect time to give me what is best and to send reassurance of YOUR care. “Not one [sparrow] is forgotten before God. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear . . . ; you are of more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12:6-7). Thank you Father for this promise.
God is blessing my vocations with promotion and elevation! “10,000 Reasons… Bless the Lord oh my soul…”!
HE is prospering me and continues to prosper me and I am prosperous! Amen!!! In spite of all the trials and tribulations, 2012 year is a great year! God, YOU are so good and mercies endureth forever. Amen!!
I want to give a special thanks to my Amazing Sister/Friend, Mrs. Toyin John for your prayers at all time and your unflinching labor of Love. The Lord will recompense all your endeavors with Love, Peace, Joy, favors and most of all refresh your anointing each new day. MERRY CHRISMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I also want to use this time to thank all the prayer warriors in this ministry for all that you do to promulgate the glory of God in your lives and in the lives of others. You will never labor in vein. Amen!

I encourage you to continue to trust God, to remember you and to continue to fulfill your petitions. HE won't forget your name. HE won't forget your circumstances, HE certainly won't forget your prayers. . . . Trust HIM and believe HIM, HE remembers you! HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISMAS AND A PROSPEROUS 2013!
God bless you all!
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