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A. M.

07:37:49 PM Jan.19.2017
Praise Report/Testimony:

I want to give God Almighty the glory and honor for His mercies over my life and my family. God has been so faithful to us in many ways.

By God's grace, since I've been faithful in my tithes and prayer life, God has continually shown mercy and favor upon my life.

- Just like Pastor Toyin will always say; "pray that before the need arises, God's provision would show up." I am never in lack of any good thing. That has been my story for the past 2 years.

- My older brother was sick and went through dialysis for almost a year and had a kidney transplant costing thousands & thousands of dollar and God showed up miraculously both financially and throughout every step of the surgery.. ohhh our God is good and too faithful to fail.

- I was due for a promotion at my job last year January but the woman that was supposed to do it failed to.
I was upset & at the same time at peace but I knew I was being robbed of what belonged to me.
God gave me the strength to stand strong in faith.

Yesterday, my senior manager called me to congratulate me that I've just been promoted to a compliance analyst with a raise and a bonus all at once.

Restoration has started for me as it was declared during the 21 days of power. God restored the promotion that was stolen from me. I give Him all the glory!

This is just the beginning of greater things God has for me and you this year.
Believe it and it shall come to pass in Jesus'name.

Lynette Palmer

Dublin OH
11:24:10 AM Jan.14.2017
The same to you too. I just want to Praise God and thank Pastor Toyin for allowing God to use her.
At about 4am I woke up to find my son shaking. He said he could not tell why, as he was not feeling cold. I then got him more covers anyway and prayed the verses of protection and healing over him. He stopped and was able to sleep. So when we got on the call this morning with specific instructions to pray for our children. I praised God as I said to myself. Surely God is in this place. To God be the glory!


11:00:16 AM Dec.31.2016
I give God the glory for PUSH prayer movement. I thank God for the 21 days of power that just concluded, the Lord did wondrous things in my life, my family and household. The Lord healed my brother of stroke completely after the brethren gathered together to pray for him.
The Lord restored our business, gave my husband a choice job, healed my 10 year of bed wetting, enlarged my spiritual capacity. I give God all the glory.

J. A.

United States
01:54:08 PM Dec.28.2016
I have a 6 year old twin daughter who was diagnosed with autism when she was almost two. Toilet training had been a big challenge. After she turned 4, she got toilet trained miraculously during the day, meaning no pull ups and she would go on her own. However, getting her to use the bathroom in the night was becoming a problem. During the 21 days of Power, one of my requests was for God to do this for us. And I noticed after about 7 days into the prayer, my daughter did not need to use the bathroom in the night anymore. It was like a dream, but I know it is only our great God who finished this work in her life. Thank you Pastor Toyin for adhering to the call.


01:15:47 PM Dec.23.2016
My joy knows no bounds. I give God all the glory for the just concluded 21 Days of Power by the PUSH Prayer
Movement. My life has been greatly transformed and my spiritual capacity has been enlarged.
God has opened a new chapter in my life and I am stepping into a new level in my life. I give God all the glory.

Pam Lee

Morris Plains, NJ
05:08:39 PM Mar.22.2016

How have you been? You have been in our mind often. Your ministry and leadership in prayers has been so inspiring!!

As we are approaching the Holy week (Holy Thursday- last supper, Good Friday, Easter), my heart is filled with gratitude of GOD great love for each one of us. On a personal basis, it is especially SUCH an important week for my husband and I. We want to pause and write you this note to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your ceaseless prayers for us over past years - for my husband (YuYuan)’s healing. You walked along our sides and kept praying for us. God is good; He is such a good good Father. YuYuan has been in the “very likely“ remission for 6 months now without treatment. We are in optimistically observational status right now for next few years or so. This is a pure miracle – ALL THE GLORY, HONOR to our HIGHEST GOD – Father, Son and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

See, three years ago on Good Friday, he was diagnosed with cancer (already stage 4 deadly one) with horrible prognosis. As anyone else, we were devastated. God taught us to pray, pray, pray. God showed us the way, opened road for us when there was no way, brought people LIKE YOU to our lives to walk along us. We were in desert, “Lands between”, God fed us with His manna each step of the way. It was NOT an easy journey. But, GOD is SO SO GOOD. We went through many detours, failing of treatments after treatments, intolerant of regimens one after the others until our last resort needed to be stopped because of side effects. While we were torn, his doctor also added an unbelievable statement that it appeared that “he is cured” - cured in miraculous way!!! There was no treatment available for him medically including investigational drugs. Yet, God said that never mind “no available treatment ”, YuYuan does not need it because GOD cures him !!” God is bigger than cancer!!! When it is limit of man, it is only the beginning of GOD!!! AMEN!! Praise the LORD!!! May ALL THE GLORY to HIM!!!

During this journey, we also learn about discipline and POWER of prayers the way that we have never been. We grow together in GOD, learn to be quiet in Him, to hear Him and to enjoy our relationship with HIM. Now, we also start to pray for others like the way that people including YOU have been praying for us. Only God can do this!

Want to THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR US. You have no idea how much we have appreciated your prayers and for never giving up on us. We continue to pray for sealing of healing and complete healing for good for him.


God bless you and your ministry richly
Have a wonderful, blissful Holy Week with His peace, joy and protection

Pam (and YuYuan )

Anonymous Anonymous

01:22:12 AM Dec.27.2015
I give God glory for what He has done for me through this prayer line. This year when I look back for what God has done for me and my family, my prayer life and the people I pray for, I just burst into tears at the awesomeness of God.My family was blessed with three (3) marriages this year plus two births and the third couple is awaiting the arrival of their baby very soon. Not only that Relationships were mended, my son was given full scholarship in college when we thought all hope was lost. I just kept praying joining the prayer line no matter what. Finally, God gave us a new home built on the rock of eternal ages. Praise Yeee the Lord. Now I realized how my business meant to me, it's a blessing and I took the ashes from where i left it for God to turn it into Gold and his Glory. Thank God for me. I feel like a prodigal son that just rediscovered God again. Thank you all you PPM partners, administrators and friends God bless.


01:49:05 PM May.22.2015
I want to thank God for the wonderful way He showed up in our life in the past year. I will try to condense the events over the past 17 months into a few paragraphs. I got married in September 2013 at 43 years. I did not have any concerns about getting pregnant, after all, my mother's younger sister had twins in her 40s. After 3 months of trying, we had no success. I placed a prayer request on the prayer line for God to intervene. Meanwhile, I saw a Fertility specialist in Jan 2014. He ordered a bunch of tests which did not show any abnormality other than fibroids. He (Dr. T) said he will need to take the fibroid out for 2 reasons a)the 2 big ones are at the spot where he needs to implant the fertilized egg after IVF and b)the fibroids will put me at a high risk for miscarriage. Reluctantly, I scheduled a date for the surgery to remove the fibroids, but got more and more uncomfortable with the idea the closer the date and so called and cancelled the surgery. I went to another specialist to get a second opinion, he told me that my eggs were too old and I need to look into egg donation. Needless to say, I did not go back to him. I had an Xray of the womb in May which showed that I had a small fibroid blocking the entrance to the womb on the right. The option to have it take out by surgery was discussed and again I refused. By the end of June, Dr. T left the practice and I was transferred to his partner Dr. M. She met with me in July 2014 and we came up with a calendar for IVF which was to start mid August. She did warn me that due to my age, she did not have much hopes for success, however was rooting for me to succeed. In addition, I will be the oldest person in their program's history (44y) to undergo IVF and the results were not good at that age. I told her that as long as there is a God in heaven, all will be well.
We started IVF medications at the end of August. The drugs are supposed to stimulate the eggs in my ovaries (a total of 9 at that time to grow so that they can be harvested). I had an ultrasound of my ovaries to look to see if the eggs were developing about a week later. Unfortunately, only one developed (which means that the medication did not work). So the doctor said that we would stop the IVF cycle, wait till I get my period and then start all over again. I was very disappointed and was angry with God (to my shame) for not allowing this to work. Well, He had his own plans! after 2 weeks, I still did not get my period. I called her office and they asked me to get a pregnancy test at home. To the glory of God, it was positive! I called the office and was asked to come in for an "official test" which was also positive. Dr. M asked me to come back in a few days just to be sure and again it was positive!
In January of 2015, I had an ultrasound to make sure everything was ok with the baby. I was told that she had cysts in the brain which was seen in babies with Trisomy 18, a condition with severe mental retardation. I was asked to do a genetic study to confirm. I told the doctor that I will not because if it positive, I will not abort the fetus. I sent a prayer request concerning this to the prayer line since the gifts from God do not add sorrow. I was still working full time and was on my feet a lot during the day. At 36 weeks, I went in for a routine visit with my Ob, my blood pressure was up and so she wrote me out of work right away. The next evening, I had a bad headache which would not go away despite rest. We went to the nearby ER, my initial BP was 173/110! I was transferred by ambulance to the Ob center about 10 miles away. By this time, my BP was down to 150s/90s. I was told that the baby needed to come out that day, I refused since my Ob was not on duty and I did not know the Ob who was on call. I was discharged the next morning. Later that night, I could not feel the baby kick, my BP was still 150s/90s, I started praying and then went ahead and packed my bags in preparation for admission. I sent an email to my Ob and she asked me to go back to Labor and delivery. Unfortunately, I ate 4 ounces of yogurt that morning, and so the Anesthesia insisted on waiting for 6 hours (330 pm) to do the surgery. As God would have it, my Ob was not on call, but said if the surgery was after 4 pm, she will do the case, otherwise some one else will do it. I was praying that she does it as she knows my history especially with the fibroids. As God would have it, there were 2 back to back emergency C-sections, one of which needed all available Anesthesiologists to help out with the case. My surgery got pushed back till 7 pm and my Ob was able to do it. Surgery went well, however because of my fibroids, I lost about 3 pints of blood. My baby was perfectly normal! No evidence of any genetic abnormality. My BP continued to go up and by the next morning, my kidneys shut down. was diagnosed with preeclampsia. I sent out a request for prayers for God's intervention for my kidneys to recover as I did not want to go on dialysis. I was started on medications which by the grace of God, turned my kidneys around in the next 24 hours. I was sent home 2 days later. Satan tried to raise his ugly head again, my preeclampsia recurred and I had to be readmitted to the hospital last weekend. My BP was controlled with medications and I returned home after 3 days in the hospital. I am slowly recovering my strength (due to the blood loss). But thank God for seeing me through this process. Despite my foolishness and dependence on science to make my dream of motherhood come through, despite science saying I was too old and the quality of my eggs were poor, He stepped in to do what He does best. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding!

Anonymous Anonymous

12:01:17 PM May.13.2015
Dear beloved,

I am here to testify to the glory of the Lord for what he done for me. Almost a couple of weeks ago, I asked that you pray for me to find a supervisor for my MA paper and I had one week to find that person. Beloved, not only did one like my proposal and responded but four. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me select one. I had a meeting with this person yesterday and he turns out to be the most humble and pleasant person anyone would wish to work with.

Indeed, our heavenly father Jehovah Jireh supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus Phil 4:19.

I am very grateful to many of you who have been praying for me. May the Lord meet you all at your point of need.

Lord, I am humbled at your faithfulness. I return all the glory and honour unto you and you alone. Blessed be the name that is above all names. We serve a living and mighty God!!

Juliette O.

Roanoke, VA USA
04:03:33 PM Mar.27.2015
Many of you have been praying for me and I want to say thank you! For the past 11 years, I have been struggling with a chronic, incurable illness called Crohn's Disease. Unfortunately, this disease has been very aggressive and I have had to have 6 related abdominal surgeries and have had many complications along the way. Fortunately, I serve a BIG God who cares for me. A God who has heard your prayers and is fast at work restoring my body! I am so excited to share with you that after the prayers of many, fasting and speaking Gods word into my life, I went in for a colonoscopy this week, so a new doctor could evaluate my situation. When the test was complete, the doctor came in to talk with me and asked me why I had such a diagnosis!!! He said my digestive track looks well and healthy! He did have a few other things to talk about, but when he did, the Lord reminded me, "It's a process". So, I am rejoicing and thanking God for His healing power in my life and thanking you for your faithful prayers! May God richly bless each one of you!


10:16:55 PM Mar.13.2015
I want to thank the Lord for the mighty deliverance He wrought in the life of my sister. On the prayer call in December 2014, we were led to pray that we will not mourn, grieve or sorrow. In the first week of January 2015, my sister was admitted into the hospital after suffering extreme abdominal discomfort accompanied with projectile vomiting. I brought the prayer request to our weekly Saturday morning call and we were led to pray specifically on these 3 points:
-that the doctors will correctly diagnose the ailment
-that God will give the doctors the wisdom to correctly treat my sister
-cancel the plans the devil has concerning her.
She was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction and had emergency surgery within 2 days and it seemed everything was fine.
Then things took a turn for the worse. It seemed as if there was a lot of lingering pain, discomfort and a few reactions/side effects to medications. When the pain became unbearable, my sister began to take a negative outlook on everything. I left an audio message for Sis. Toyin and she called me to find out what was going on. I explained the situation and based on what was revealed to her, she gave me specific instructions - one of which was to go to the hospital that night and pray and counter any negative confessions my sister made out of pain, frustration and discouragement. I got there at about 1am and was initially scared by her altered physical appearance. I started to pray and I just sat with her. She woke up and saw me and it is hard to put into words the wonderful expression that came on her face. My siblings and inlaws called and prayed over the phone and Sis. Toyin did as well. I left her later in the morning and her countenance was markedly different... she looked so alive and radiant! We continued to pray and after spending 13 days in the hospital, she was discharged to continue to convalesce at home. She finally returned to work last week- 2 months after she first took ill.
Her doctor lager told her that she took long to heal... much, much longer than usual. Some other medical personnel were concerned that she might not make it. It was revealed to some brethren that this illness was meant to take her life.
I give God ALL the glory for sparing my sisters' life and not allowing us to mourn, grieve or sorrow. I also want to thank all the brethren on the call who interceded in earnest prayer on my sisters' behalf. "And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up." James 5:15A
Thank you Sis. Toyin for all the prayers, constant intercession and advice. May God bless you all. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!


04:06:17 PM Feb.17.2015
In Isaiah God said before we prayed He has answered while we are still praying He has heard. I had a condition that the doctors said I might need surgery for. In my sleep about 3 months ago the Lord performed surgery on me; Immediately I felt healing there. I did not give this testimony before now because I was waiting to go to the doctors for confirmation; I have had 2tests done since then and they did not find anything. Praise and give thanks to GOD for His miraculous healing in my life. Also i got some unexpected money end of January and save it. My tenants did not pay their rents on time, so I used that money to pay the mortgage on the house; then I know why the Lord sent me the money. Answer to our prayer that the Lord will make provision before the needs arrive. The bills were paid on time and in full. Please join me in giving glory to God for His provision.

Oyin Ajala

07:51:55 AM Jan.31.2015
Blessed be the name of the Lord, who is always worthy of praise
I want you, who is reading this testimony that The Lord our God is faithful; He takes care of every minute detail of our lives.
My $10,000.00 was withheld by a company with whom I did business a little while ago, and the only option I had to retrieve my money was to sue them. But, I turned instead to the judge of the universe (thank you Father for that inspiration), the one who promised that the devourer will not devour my finances if I bring my tithes into His house.
So, I started to speak God's promises and pray.
Amazingly, I had incredible peace and faith that The Lord would move in my behalf
While praying one day, it was heavily impressed on me to bring this prayer point to the Push Prayer Movement, the prayer line this website is affiliated to
While the prayer warriors prayed for me I claimed in the name of Jesus, that I would testify to the answer to this prayer by our next prayer meeting and so it was!
I got a letter of approval before the end of that week and my $10,000.00 check back the following week, to the glory of God!
I want to remind you, He is faithful to His WORD. However, He requires our obedience to His commands.
I thank you Lord for you don't know how to fail...

Anonymous Anonymous

07:19:50 AM Jan.24.2015
I jut want to give glory to God for two (2) specific thing. They are:
1. I wrote one of my exams in December, and I passed, to God be the Glory. I was a bit nervous even though I had studied but I thank God for crowning my effort with success.
2. I want to bless God for delivering my husband and I from a head on collision car accident yesterday. We had dropped both our boys in school, and our oldest was just so happy yesterday after dropping him off. My husband was going to drop me at work. As he was driving, there was a car that was coming on the other side but was on our lane. The car was driving quite fast considering that it is winter and there are lot of now on the ground. We thought the car would move to its lane but did not, so my husband swerved a little bit and there was a pile of snow on the lane where we were. I remember saying thank you Jesus for your deliverance after it happened. I just said to my husband, let's just give glory to God rather than thinking or saying what was wrong with the driver. I thought to myself, if it had been fatal, we would not even think about that and I also remembered our boys that we just dropped off at school. What would have happened if it was fatal. I truly give God praise for His mighty hand of deliverance. I remember receiving a word before the end of 2014 that we would not be casualties in the hands of the enemy and I have been confessing that upon my family and I. We also confess that the favor of God would go before us each and everyday.

Beloved, I know it's not just because we prayed, prayer is good but I stand in awe of the mercies of God. The Bible says "it is by His mercies that we are not consumed". Thank You Jesus and I pray that the shout of rejoicing will not depart from our habitation. Like we have been confessing on the prayer call, we shall not mourn and we shall not sorrow. This is the heritage of us the sons and daughters of God. Beloved, please stay plugged in and connected to God. God bless us all.


04:00:43 PM Jan.11.2015
I had asked for prayers concerning my job back in November. There are 3 sections to my department and 1 section (the most important) had been struggling to meet required numbers for the year. The organization I work for was threatening to close that section down, which will ultimately lead to the closure of the entire program! Thank God for answered prayers because between Nov and Dec, things turned around, our numbers increased for all 3 sections. Our Chairman has said that we have generated so much business for the organization such that they have gone from shut down part of the program to approving for us to hire 2 more people (something we had been asking for the past 2 years!). To God be the glory!


09:18:43 AM Sep.26.2014
I want to give praise and glory to our God for indeed He has made us to be the head and not the tail, always above and not beneath.

Last month when I was completing my studies, I was having a very hard time completing my final assignment, which was supposed to be a teaching case. I remember even my faculty advisor ended up not being able to review my work due to some circumstances. But through it all, I placed my trust in God and I was praying that God would make my case exceptional, that it would be the best case yet and that His favour would be upon it.

When I received feedback, my faculty advisor commented that the case was great but some portions were confusing. And I remember being very discouraged because I did not feel that the comments reflected the work I presented but nevertheless I gave God the glory.

Today I stand testifying that my case is the first that has been selected to be taught in the program curriculum and I have been invited to conduct the class. Tell me if there is anything our God can't do...

I just want to encourage you who is reading this, that every prayer that you have ever made lining up with the Word of God, if you do not lose hope, you will see it manifest in Jesus name!!! May God be glorified for indeed we are the head and not the tail, always above and not beneath!!!! Glory to God!!!


09:26:57 PM Sep.25.2014
I would like to praise our awesome God for what He has been doing in my famiy and what He just did in our lives. We have been praying for a better job for my husband. It was one of my special requests duringthe last prayer week and to the glory of God our prayers have been answered!!! My husband applied for a senior position in a firm but God had greater plans , he was offered a position higher than what he applied for to our amazement and to the testimony of God's goodness in our lives! When He says yes, no one can say no. We give Him all praise and adoration and will continue to serve Him all the days of our lives. I worship you Lord and i thank you!!!


07:33:55 PM Sep.19.2014
I would like to testify to the glory of our great and awesome God who has provided me with stable employment!!!

Indeed God is worthy of our trust and confidence... Prior to finishing school in August, I had prayed that the Lord would provide employment for me in my hometown, according to His will. And today I stand testifying that He has done it for me...after 3 long years of going to school for different degrees, going on a Mission Trip and following the will of the Lord, the Lord has answered my cry and turned away my captivity. He has truly made my joy complete...The Lord is worthy of our trust!!!! Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia glory to our gracious GOD!!! Thank You Lord Jesus...I would also like to thank all of you who have been on the line praying for those looking for jobs; and thank you to sister Toyin for her continual faithfulness to the work of the Lord!


Baltimore, Maryland
02:43:39 AM Sep.19.2014
I want to testify to the wonder working power of our God.
My friend's one year old granddaughter had slipped through the cracks and fallen down the stairs at her apartment complex.
I happened to call my friend as she was rushing to the emergency room to be with her. She was in such a state of panic because the prognosis did not look good. When she got there, her granddaughter was in a neck brace, and the doctors said she had blood on her brain. I immediately posted a prayer request on the push prayer movement whatsapp group and brethren began to pray. In addition,declarations of healing were being posted as well.
By the next day when the baby was retested,the blood was GONE! God was not done yet. HE is such a wonder working God who always finishes what HE starts. She was eating and talking and moved from the pediatric intensive care unit to a regular floor. All she had was bruising on her left arm and eye!! She was subsequently discharged and the doctors said the eye will heal on its own.
As soon as she got home, she was trying to walk and run around and save for the black eye, you would never know that just over 24 hours before, she had gone through such a traumatic event.
I want to say thank you to our God who is truly able to heal and turn the most dire situation around. I also want to thank all the brethren who are watchmen on the wall always ever ready to intercede at a moments notice. Praiiiiiiiiise the Lord!!!!!


03:27:57 PM Jul.05.2014
I want to testify of the greatness of God in my life. In March 2012, I moved to the US from Canada and I was in a stable job. In April of this year, I got placed into a mentoring program, which would provide more challenge and better prospects to advance in my career.

I was so settled that I was envisioning staying in the US for at least 5 years and I even signed a 15-month lease for my apartment last September, which will expire in December of this year.

At the end of May, my brother contacted me, informing me of an opening in the company where he works back in Canada.
I was hesitant to apply and sought my sister's council, and she advised me to seek God and ask Him to instruct me.

After doing that, I felt that I should apply, even though I was very hesitant of the change since I was very comfortable and settled in my position.

Then everything went well and on the last day of our prayer week in June, I received a job offer. And this reminded me of when sister Toyin said one day during the prayer week that "IT IS FINISHED".

Funny enough, the following week at work my supervisors started plotting to remove me from the mentoring program because for them, they will need to train 2 people to replace me.

I really want to thank God because He went ahead of me...as if this had happened prior to my ability to resign, I would have been crushed and very affected psychologically. God did not allow me to be put to shame.

I also want to thank God because prior to receiving a job offer, He gave me enough faith to start contacting possible sub-letters and the first person who visited my apartment has decided to take it for the remainder of my lease.

God never does things half-way, He always completes it and exceeds our expectations. I also want to say that this new position provides me with a 25% salary increase from my previous job and it's even better than the mentoring program I so cherished.

God is great, He is awesome and He truly is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him!
If He did it for me, He can do it for you as well.

Anonymous Anonymous

05:04:51 AM Jun.28.2014
Where do I begin? What can I say? What can I do, than to offer my heart O Lord, completely to you. God has indeed shown to me that when we call upon Him in times of trouble He answers and that when we are willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land.
In Oct. 2013, I got a new job that had a probationary period of 6months. Before I usually start any new job, I like to be prayed up and just commit it to God's hands. I remember during one of my times of prayer before starting the position, I had it impressed in my heart that any obstacle that may rise up against me will be moved. Barely 3weeks into the position, I discovered that my immediate supervisor and her friend for whatever reason did not like me and were going to stare up trouble so that I either did not pass my probation or that I did not make it through the probationary period. I remember again in those times of prayer, I had it impressed in my heart to stay humble and walk in love. I asked God to help me stay humble and walk in love. You know that it is not easy to walk in love with someone or people that do not like you and that you know want your downfall. I remember in those times, that I felt like Joseph in the bible, who despite what he went through obeyed God. The bible says Joseph was prosperous because God was with Him. Character was built in Joseph through his prison time and at Potiphar's house. I prayed earnestly to God that whatever character he was molding in me, be formed and that whatever lessons I needed to learn in the process, that I would learn them and learn them quickly. I remember also during those times, telling my husband that God was taking me through all of those trials and testing to prepare me for the promotion He had in store for me. During one of the prayer weeks we had either in January or February, prayer week is the last week of every month, Sis Toyin just flowed in the spirit and declared certain things. I am going to paraphrase what she said: she said that some of us are comfortable with the pay we are earning in our jobs, meanwhile God wants to do much more for us. She specifically said God wants to put some of us in a position where we earn over $100,000 not for anything else but to bring Glory to His name alone. She mentioned that human beings are moved by the external and that is why when we earn such an income, we are able to reach such people and testify of God's goodness in our lives.
I thank God that the opposition I faced in my work position lasted 4months and that I passed my probation.
January 1, 2014, my spiritual father had prophesied that this year is a year of continual favour and repositioning. I received the prophesy and prayed for repositioning not only in my spiritual walk but also my job position.
Praise God! I just got a promotion that is grossing over $100,000 per annum, only God did it and only Him could have done it. This happened within 8months of my position from last October, 2013. To top it up it is a junior management position. Just like Joseph, I went from almost being made to lose my job to a management position. Only God did it and to Him be all the Glory!

o annoymous

New York
04:22:56 PM May.30.2014
Hot testimony!

During this prayer week we pray for jobs. So my husband just got a dream job just now, today, this minute. Thank God! At last, Thank God! Hallelujah! seven times, thank you God, you remember him.


10:05:52 AM May.23.2014
Dear brothers and sisters....I am in awe of our God...I am in awe of His faithfulness and how He honours our faith and trust in Him. I am in awe of the prayers His Spirit deposits on the inside of us which, when acted upon, are bound to manifest. It has been about 3 years now that I have been living by the provision of the Lord. But I assure you that this has been the best time of my life...yes, there are inclines which are not always easy to climb, but the Lord has taught me how to live the abundant life in the midst of my lack of a stable job; the Lord is my source of provision which never runs dry. He has taught me not to worry about money, nor what I will eat, nor what I will be clothed with. Brethren, I urge you not to despise your desert, cooperate with God and reap the treasures of darkness as He promised in Isaiah 45:3...think about it...the treasures of darkness...do not murmur and complain like the children of Israel, rather trust Him, listen, ask, seek, knock, obey...He will provide in a way that He sees fit, the most important thing is that He will fulfill what His Word promises: supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. I have recently moved for a school placement as I was seeing the numbers on my account go down, this morning I felt that the Lord wanted to bless me financially through someone and I felt the Holy Spirit lead me to pray that the person would be obedient. And at 9am in the bathroom at work, I prayed in my heart that whoever the Lord wants to use to bless me would be obedient...3 hours later I receive a text with a password...eeeee isn't our God gloriuous...I could have thrown myself a pity party and complained about why I have to go through this period, but instead, by His grace, the Lord has continually taught me to ask according to His Word and believe that He is able...No matter what your situation is today, tap into the grace of God to ask according to His Word and believe that Abba Father is able, worship Him in the beauty of His holiness, sing praises unto Jehovah, let His sweet presence envelop you...Jehovah is able, no matter how long it has been He will come through! I believe the Lord will soon bless me with stable employment, but no matter what, I know that His provision will always find its way to me, regardless of the avenue through which He chooses to deliver it! Help me praise Jehovah!!! He is worthy, mighty, awesome...I could go on forever...I love the Lord!!! Shalom!


12:41:55 PM May.10.2014
I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His grace and mercy. I had been trusting God for a particular situation to get sorted out in my family. In the last 2 prayer weeks, this had been one of my specific requests. I want to give God all the glory that, He stepped into the situation in a way that still feels like a dream to us. He rolled away our reproach and put a new song in our mouth. He is a faithful God and He shows Himself strong on behalf of those who will trust in Him.

I will forever be grateful. Thank You Lord!


07:45:53 PM May.02.2014
I want to give God the glory for his blessing over me & my family- during the 7 day prayer week, we were asked to ask for specific request - I asked God to move in my business but nothing happened throughout but I just had that strong faith & did not worry- People of God I am happy & blessed to report God's goodness, DO NOT give up, do not doubt - the very last day of April, God showed up BIG by blessing my business in one day with not just one new team member but 9 ! Actually it clould have been 11 but it was raining so heavily I could not go & meet up with the other 2 ladies, I could still have gone to see them but the miracle in one day was so big I could not fathom it! I know it's the beginning of greater things in my life- I pray this testimony has blessed you- Praiseeeeeeeee God!!!!

A. C.

10:02:25 AM Mar.28.2014
People of God I want to share what the Lord has done for me. My God has visited me today!!

I have participated throughout this week's prayer call and I particularly prayed that the Lord open the door for me so that I could get accepted into graduate school.

I prayed and asked the Lord to visit me by this Friday, which is today March 28, 2014. On Monday, March 24, the lady from the school emailed me and asked that I submit my permanent resident card. I told her that I stated in my application that I was a Canadian citizen...talk about the 'Prince of Persia! Had it not been for prayers, I would not have been considered for admission because they had already assumed their own story.

Singing glory to God in the highest, my God is faithful!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the 'Woman of Zion', sis Toyin who has been leading us into the battle field where we are reaping God's promises. Alleluia, Lord I am humbled, I stand in reverence to you Lord, I bow before the throne of grace to say thank you Jesus.



06:51:47 AM Mar.26.2014
I like to confess Phil. 4:19 all the time, through 'thick and thin'. People of God rejoice with me because my God has lived up to His promise!
We have had a minivan for 11 years and it has done more than 400,000 km. As with old age, things started falling apart but I trusted the Lord that in His time, He will bless with something else but I had no clue as to what He was about to do. We have bought a van almost new with little mileage on it and the price was just unbelievable. Praise be to God in the highest. He has supplied our needs according to His riches in glory!


04:56:48 PM Mar.15.2014
Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”
I would like to encourage us that God has a plan for us. No matter what situations we are going through today, He is there.
Philippians 4:19 says that our God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. But we need to remember in the midst of everything that His timing is the best.
We need to trust Him, focus on Him and wait upon Him.
I graduated from university with an engineering degree but I couldn’t find a job in my field. I had good grades but nothing was happening. Two years after graduating from school, I got a customer service position with a US bank in Canada and was employed for 3 years until the bank decided to close their Canadian business. After losing my job, less than a week after (in November 2011), I landed another job with another bank. I was so grateful but frustrated at the same time because I felt like God abandoned me because that’s not the industry or the type of work I wanted to do. I started having negative thoughts on how I wasted money in school tuition.

In December 2011, my sister talked to me about the PUSH prayer line. It was during the 12 days of prayer and fasting. I decided to join and my first time on the prayer call was on December 3rd. We were praying for March 2012. That day, I decided to surrender myself and give it all to God. (Matthew 6:33 seek first the kingdom of God.) I followed Sister Toyin’s instructions during the call and I even found myself praying for others based on the different prayer points that were being raised.
Few weeks after the prayer and fasting ended, I got connected to an engineering company in the US. I sent my resume, got a call the next day from HR for a phone interview. I was asked to come in person for a job interview. I was offered the position. The process was quick, smooth and everything was just moving really fast. The Company arranged and covered everything from immigration, temporary accommodation, moving expenses and all. I started the job in March, and that was the month I was praying for when I joined the prayer call for the first time.
2 years later, I can testify that the job is more than what I was dreaming about 8 years ago. It’s only by God’s grace. His plans are more than what we can imagine. He is able to do exceedingly above all we can ask or imagine. He has blessed me beyond my expectations.
Looking back, I can certainly say that I wasn’t prepared to get this job when I finished school in 2006. God allowed me to go through different phases because the phases molded me, prepared me, and humbled me as a person. I have learned a lot (professionally, spiritually) and matured as well through the last 8 years.
I am grateful for this ministry and for Sister Toyin. This ministry has helped me with my personal relationship with Christ, to go through the next step in my walk with the Lord, to draw closer to Him in prayer and by spending time in the Word.


08:58:51 PM Mar.01.2014
Isaiah 65:24, praise God for answered prayers. Toyin said, we should let God know our expectation during this prayer week. I prayed that God would bring the divine tenant I have been praying for ,for the last six months. He answered, the tenant was desperate to move in immediately. The couple paid me deposite, March and April rent together; that was God in action. This is because people have called that do not want to pay deposit, do not want to pay application fee etc. Please help me give thanks to God for His faithfulness.

God knows me god knows me

New York
03:40:32 AM Mar.01.2014
During the month of February prayer week,we were asked to pray for the sick. So, I prayed from my heart even in my private prayers. Behold, I do not know that my daughter was sick in college in emergency room far away from me, in the West of USA. God acted and intervened. She is now conscious and I know God will further perfect the healing in Jesus' name. Please praise God for his mercy on my daughter and His faithfulness.
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